Pine View Band 2017-18


Boosters Make a Difference

With support from Band Boosters, Mr Mongillo is able to bring in professional musicians to offer small group instruction and coaching to students.

Band Boosters is a group of volunteer band parents that organize fundraising and other events to support the Pine View Band program. They operate under Pine View Band, Inc which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Finally, Band Boosters operates the Belong program that encourages people to support the Pine View Band through a paid membership.

We hope that you want the Pine View Band program to continue its tradition of excellence and we appreciate any support that you would like to offer.


Here is calendar for the coming school year!



A Message from Victor Mongillo ...

Music is mankind's universal language. From Beethoven to the Beatles, music evokes emotions that defy explanations and connect us all culturally.

But how and when will our children learn that language? What better way than during their most formative years? Who better to teach them than those who are preparing them for their place in the world?

As Director of Bands at Pine View School for the Gifted, I invite you to join Belong. What it it? Belong is a group that supports the Pine View Band program through membership and other activities. This program is organized by Pine View Band Boosters.

With the help of Belong members and Band Boosters, I am able to provide greater resources to band students as I help them learn the language of music. I know that many of the deepest and most rewarding friendships that I have developed in my life, have their roots in my school band program. My wish is that the same is true for my band students.

Thank you for your support of Pine View School, our marvelous Band Boosters and our successful Band music program!

Victor Mongillo


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Pine View Band Boosters - 2017/2018

Executive Officers

President - Ray Porter

Vice-President - Maura Burns

Secretary - Rebecca St. Pierre

Treasurer - Denise Porter

For information related to: Music Program, band trips or band students contact:

Victor Mongillo: Director of Bands

Call: 941 486-2001 and leave message


Mail: Attn Mr. Mongillo

1 Python Path

Osprey, FL 34229


For information related to: Pine View Band, Inc. or Pine View Band Boosters contact:

Ray Porter: Band Boosters President

Call: 941 923-4861